Top Tips for A Better Night’s Sleep posted by Stanley Mburu on March 12 2021

Sleep Better from Night One


We all know the importance of consistently good sleep and how it can affect our mood – and even our health. But still, so many of us struggle to catch enough zzz’s to leave us feeling bright and refreshed come morning.


Why is that?


There are so many reasons why millions of people around the world struggle to sleep well. From stress to technology and beyond. BUT there are certainly some lifestyle changes we can make to try to remedy the issue.

Tea for sleep 

If you’re struggling to sleep (and not for a medical reason), these top sleep tips might just help you to doze off and most importantly, stay asleep until sunrise.


Create a New Night Routine


If you thought night routines were just for the kids, think again. Studies show that having a calming and relaxing nighttime routine can be super beneficial when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.


Make your routine work for you and incorporate things into it that you know help you to relax. Don’t just go from work, TV time or dinner straight to bed and expect to sleep. Especially if you know you struggle to doze off.


Instead, try a long bath or hot shower prior to bed and incorporate a routine of body oils, relaxing music, candles or night lights to help you to wind down from the day. Basically, anything that soothes you.


Do this an hour or so before bed and see how much of a difference it makes.


Try to Get Out in The Sunshine


Getting good sleep isn’t just about what you do right before bed. What you do in the day can affect your sleep too.


Getting outside in the sunshine during the day can help you to sleep well. Sunshine boosts the energy you have in the day and helps you to get a better-quality sleep at night.


Turn Your Electronics Off


We all know it but we still do it. We know we shouldn’t be looking at our phones in the dark in bed. But we continue to scroll. So, if you’re serious about changing your sleep patterns. This is a good place to start.


Blue light is known to be very bad for affecting sleep – this is the light coming off your electricals. So, try blue light glasses and wear them for the afternoon or evening to begin reducing your blue light exposure. Then, make sure you’re off your phone and laptop a good few hours before bed. Easier said than done but research shows this is crucial.


Try One of Our Teas to Help You Sleep


Obviously, we love any solution that includes a good cup of tea.


Try our specially-designed Good Night tea. This smooth and sweet tea has anti-inflammatory properties and relaxes the muscles while the lemon verbena included relaxes the mind.

good night tea


Or – if you like simplicity, try our Pure Camomile tea, a herbal infusion known to help calm and soothe, perfect before bed.


Pure camomile tea 


Don’t let a bad night’s sleep ruin your everyday. Instead, set the goal to try something new to remedy your poor sleep today. Whether you know you know on your phone too late or you fancy trying a sleep-inducing tea before bed, why not give some of our top sleep tips a go and see if they work for you. And remember to let us know if they do!

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