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As a pioneering brand in Morocco's tea trade, Sultan Tea has become the benchmark tea brand among more than 500 brands sold in the country, thanks to the combination of four factors: • A rich history of more than 80 years since its launch by the founding father Hadj Hassan Raji in 1936 • Rigor, knowledge and expertise in the supply and implementation of unique and impeccable quality tea recipes • An avant-garde and extremely efficient industrial tool • A continuous innovation to constantly adapt to the needs of its consumers

More Than 80 Years of History

Intimately linked to the history of shaï and atay in Morocco, Al Arche tea, today Sultan Tea, played a major role in the evolution of a whole people, creating tea as a national symbol.

A Rigorous Selection

The Sultan brand is based on more than 82 years of experience, refining its tea selection methods. Travelling through the towns and villages of Morocco to discover the regional specificities and perfect their knowledge of the regional recipes that make the flavor of Moroccan tea, the Sultan Tea experts tasted all "grands crus", teas with the most unique flavours.

A powerful factory

In order to meet the needs of the local market as well as those of the international market, Sultan Tea has a brand new state-of-the-art plant, the largest green tea factory in the world.

A Permanent Innovation

Sultan Tea has made innovation a top priority to build its leadership position over the years. The brand evolves according to the needs of the consumer to constantly offer the best teas. To achieve this, Sultan Tea capitalises on the passion of its Marketing and Commercial teams. In addition, its significant force, in terms of distribution, makes Sultan Tea products accessible to all, from North to South Morocco, and in several regions of the world.

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