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Whether you’re a family-run café or a global hotel chain, indulge your loyal customers with the best and most authentic tea experience by becoming a Sultan Tea stockist.

With a huge selection of teas to choose from, offer your customers a taste of Morocco and explore unique teas with a choice for every taste and style. From authentic Moroccan green mint tea to classic English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas, serve your customers with only the best.

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Why Choose Us

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    We’re the best

    Sultan is the number 1 tea brand in Morocco, the home of tea. And that’s saying something.

  • 2

    We have something for everyone

    Although we’re a Moroccan brand, we have a huge range of delicious and expertly-crafted teas for all tastes and moods.

  • 3

    We can offer an authentic Moroccan experience

    With 100 years of history in the making, we know authentic tea. Our range offers a huge selection of Moroccan tastes from spicy green tea to Moroccan chaï.

  • 4

    … And we craft beautiful classic teas too

    And we also offer a huge range of unique tastes to suit every other mood. Think earl grey, jasmine, mint and sage or refreshing verbena.

  • 5

    We’re the whole package

    When people drink our teas, they tend to become fans. That’s why we also craft authentic gift sets and Moroccan teapots so your customers can build their own Sultan tea package to enjoy in their own home.

  • 6

    We’re not just any cup of tea

    Every tea bag or loose tea flavour has 100 years of tea making expertise built-in. That’s what makes our flavours so uniquely special and delicious.

  • 7

    We’ll bring you plenty of tea inspiration

    However you’re planning to serve your Sultan Tea to your customers, we’ll be right here with a brand new idea on our regularly updated blog. From cold tea infusion cocktails to the perfect green tea accompaniment, we’ll always have you covered.

  • 8

    We’re passionate about tea

    If you can’t tell yet, we love tea. We’re inspired by tea flavours from around the world and are passionate about offering our customers and yours the best possible tea experience.

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