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In Morocco, from the 19th century, northern poets made hymns about tea, associated with seduction and love and inspired by poetry about wine, inscribed in Arab tradition.

Several Arab and Berber narratives and poems (Amran El Maleh, Brahim U-Lhusayn u-Addi, Abdellah Zrika, Ahmed Sefrioui and Fatima Mernissi) praise tea, as do contemporary Moroccan music, notably through the mythical group, Nass Al Ghiwane.
Painting is not left out. The painters, Mohamed Ben Ali Rbati, Abdelaziz Cherkaoui, Rahmouni and Mustapha Boujemoui made tea an element of their works.

In addition, the authors Racine, Beaudelaire and Balzac were famous tea drinkers. The drink was considered by Paul Morand as "the drink of the people of spirit". This was also the case of composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who composed a "tea cantata".

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