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Tea has been labelled a nomad, a wandering traveller, according to many cultures and tales in history. The drink is a symbol of sharing, hospitality and the notion of listening to one another. By serving Moroccan tea, you commit to an exchange. Not only of tastes and smells but also an exchange of ideas in conversation. Because of this, tea is much like an art, at the service of every culture.

A Symbol of Authenticity

Consuming mint tea has always been a pleasure for Moroccans, a sign of "al assala", the authenticity of values. Traditionally, a Moroccan family who appreciates ​​its original values ​​will never receive a guest with a cool beverage, but always with a tray of cakes and mint tea. Although, it must be said, a tray of milk and dates is the most suitable for special occasions.

A Symbol of Hospitality

A symbol of Moroccan legendary hospitality, Moroccan tea is the intimate demonstration of personal know-how in satisfying and caring for a guest. Prepared with art, talent and traditional know-how, it is an essential component of proverbial Moroccan hospitality. A sacred aspect of Moroccan culture, hospitality is for the householder, regardless of his rank, and is considered an honour that is expressed firstly through the ceremonial tea.

An Invitation To Share

Tea invites sharing and an exchange with family or friends, before, during and after the tasting. With small sips over both serious and casual conversations, the flavours are known to excite the imagination and bring its drinkers together as one.

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