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Sultan has made innovation his leitmotiv in order to build his leadership position over the years. The brand evolves according to the needs of the consumer to constantly offer the best teas. To achieve this, Sultan capitalizes on the passion of its Maketing and Commercial teams in addition to a significant strike force in terms of distribution making Sultan products accessible to all, from North to South Morocco, and in several regions of the world.

Legendary campaigns

Our passion is reflected daily in the creation of varied product ranges adapted to all tastes, but also by communication campaigns and legendary promotional operations that have enabled the brand to rise to the challenge of communicating around a product of its own. base consumed daily by millions of people. In all speeches, Sultan capitalizes on the heritage of a tradition of unparalleled quality handed down from father to son to embody all the nobility and authenticity of tea.

Historical partnerships

Sultan sells emotion. In all friendly or professional relationships, the tea of ​​hospitality facilitates speech and listening. The brand favors these moments and is the guardian of an ancestral tradition, that of the preparation of tea, an art more than a know-how. By joining many sports events - triathlons, marathons, football matches - Sultan has the same values: commitment, endurance, team spirit and self-improvement. She also works for the development of popular culture by associating her image among others with the National Festival of Folk Arts of Marrakech, the Mawazine Festival and the Andaloussyat Festival in Morocco.

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