New Year Resolution Ideas posted by Stanley Mburu on January 01 2021

The New Year Resolutions We’re Making For 2021


Happy New Year from Sultan Tea! We’re heading into 2021 with a fresh mindset and some pretty big goals for the brand. But how about you? Do you have anything major planned for 2021? Or are you – like so many – just waiting to see what on earth happens next!? We don’t blame you!

New Years resolutions


But if you feel like kicking off 2021 with a couple of new year resolutions, that’s all good too. And if you need some inspo on positive things to focus on this year, here’s a few ideas to get you started!


Focus on Self Care


It’s not selfish – it’s self-care. And this could be one of our fave new year resolution ideas this year. We’ve all had it pretty tough this year and some of our usual comforts have been less and less available to us. So, for 2021, why not make sure you’re looking after yourself a little more and focusing on some self-care.


Whether that means signing up to a weekly (maybe online) yoga class, investing in a brand-new set of skincare or buying every type of tea bag blend you can find for all the cosy couch moments, that’s your call.


Try New Things


This could apply to so many aspects of life. Whether it’s being more adventurous with food – or tea!! – or starting a new hobby that you’ve been thinking about for ages. Why not try something new this year?

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Focus on Quality Time


If this year has taught us all anything, it’s probably to value the time we get to spend with our loved ones. Right?


So, when you can, make sure you book in those cuppa dates with your family and friends and focus on creating the quality time you’ve missed in 2020.


Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices


From cutting back on caffeine to getting started with a regular exercise routine, making some simple and easy to stick to lifestyle changes is a great idea as a new year resolution.


Maybe think about creating some goals and write them down to help keep you motivated once the January fog has lifted!


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Sounds simple? But it can make a huge difference to your time off. Don’t often treat yourself to a cup of tea and an hour on the sofa with your feet up – no TV, no phone? Try it this year. You might just learn to love it.


Make More Sustainable Choices


Another great new year resolution idea is to make some sustainability changes in your life and home. Sustainability has been a huge buzz word in every industry in 2020 and it’s only set to become more and more important.


Whether you choose to change where you shop for fashion, up your game when it comes to recycling or any other day to day eco-friendly choice you could make, this is a super positive way to kick start a new year.



Whether you fancy creating a list of new year resolutions this year or you just want to see how it goes and focus on getting through – we hear you. And both are totally fine with us! And if you feel like making sure your tea cupboard is always fully stocked with the best blend around, then we can even give you a helping hand on that one.


Browse our latest Sultan Tea collections online and sign up for Sub & Save, our tea subscription service, for monthly or bi-monthly deliveries of your fave teas – with a discount!


However you feel going into a brand new year, we’re sending all our very best wishes from everyone here at the Sultan Tea team!


See you in 2021!

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