New Year, New You. New Tea? posted by Stanley Mburu on December 25 2020

Why not try a new tea this New Year?


We’re all thinking of the new things we’d like to do and try when we enter a new year. 2020 has been one of the strangest years many of us has ever experienced. So, when we think to 2021, lots of us will be making some changes or exploring new avenues. And we think tea should be included in that too!


If you’re the type of tea drinker who tends to stick to what you know, maybe now should be the time that you try something a little different? Experiment with some new flavours or blends? Basically, give your taste buds something to chatter about!


If you’re thinking about trying a new tea for the new year – and we think everyone should! – then here are a couple of less ‘mainstream’ teas from the Sultan Tea collection to get your inspiration flowing.


Imperial Black Tea


Imperial Black Tea


If you like to stick to English breakfast tea as your go-to brew, you’re not alone. Millions of people throughout the world name this as their fave tea ever. So, we challenge you to try something slightly different but with the delicious flavours you know and love.


Our Imperial Black Tea is a rich and strong black tea with a well-rounded flavour. Crafted with Assam leaves and Ceylon leaves, it’s super smooth and deliciously rich with a warming amber tone. Created to be enjoyed both with or without milk. Replace your regular morning brew with this and we just know you’ll be convinced.


Mint Grey Tea

Mint grey tea


For fans of Earl Grey, this is the perfect transitional tea to try. A black tea with both bergamot and mint, it’s a new Moroccan take on the classic earl. Refreshing and revitalising, you’ll experience a citrus hue with just a touch of refreshing mint.


Green Tea with Jasmine

 Green tea with jasmine

If you’re into green tea but feel like expanding your palette, this cleansing and destressing green tea is the perfect blend to try this year. Finished with the delicious flavour of jasmine, it comes with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits of this Western Moroccan ingredient.


Green Tonic Tea

 Green tea tonic

Want a new year health kick from your tea? Our Green Tonic Tea is the perfect choice for you. Made using our pyramid tea bags for extra flavour, this tea is designed to act in a similar way to a health tonic. Experience the cleansing and soothing anti-inflammatory benefits of green tea with some added ingredients. Ginger is a natural antioxidant, the lemongrass included relieves anxiety while helping to regulate your sleep cycle and the ginseng finish works towards overall health and strengthening the immune system.


Ambar Green Tea with Orange Blossom

Green tea with orange blossom


One last option for the green tea lovers out there. Try our delicious Ambar Green Tea with Orange Blossom blend. This is a loose tea, so you’ll need a tea pot and strainer to prepare this choice. But we can promise you, it’s worth the effort.


This light intensity green tea is laced with gorgeous orange blossom citrus, giving it just enough sweetness. Perfect as a healthy morning refreshment choice!


Experiment with flavour for the new year ahead and try something new from the Sultan Tea range. You really can’t go wrong!

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