May Measurement Month – Blood Pressure Awareness posted by Stanley Mburu on May 07 2021

Best Teas to Help Control Blood Pressure


Did you know that May is blood pressure awareness month? Many don’t, but this global campaign – named May Measurement Month (MMM) – is all about improving the world’s health with a simple idea to make sure you measure your blood pressure and keep on top of your health. And as a health-conscious tea brand, we wanted to bring some extra awareness to the campaign this week.  


So, #checkyourpressure this May – and also, why not work on controlling your blood pressure even if it’s not a problem for you? Keeping on top of these things early is the best possible way to avoid health concerns later.

blood pressure awareness month 

Why Check Your Blood Pressure?


If you don’t know much about blood pressure, it’s actually one of the biggest tellers about our health and our future risk of complications or issues. Raised blood pressure is one of the world’s biggest killers, but it is very preventable. Which makes it even more important to take note of.


Having a raised blood pressure can put you at risk of many different health issues, such as heart disease and strokes. But measuring it is quick and simple – done by your doctor – and keeping it under control can be done with some fairly simple lifestyle changes.


How to Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure


Maintaining a healthy blood pressure measurement or reducing yours if it’s high comes down to lifestyle changes. Maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise and a healthy diet is key. Reducing the sodium in your diet is important, as is cutting right back on alcohol intake – as well as quitting smoking. Lastly, reducing caffeine and stress in your life is up there with important measures to take to reduce blood pressure.


Best Teas to Help Control Blood Pressure


According to many reports, including one from WebMD, drinking tea can help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. So, that’s one of the reasons we have become so interested in making sure our lovely customers are aware.


This particular study from Web MD says that just half a cup of green tea a day could reduce high blood pressure risk by nearly 50% - a major difference for a minimal lifestyle change. Right?


But which teas are the best for helping with blood pressure?


Green tea

pure green tea

Green tea helps to improve blood flow and reduces inflammation in the body which is all geared to reducing blood pressure and keeping your overall health in check.


Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea contains a whole host of natural antioxidants. Our silhouette tea contains hibiscus and is a great way to add this ingredient into your daily diet.


Lemon tea

lemon verbena tea

Citrus teas have long been known to help reduce blood pressure. Lemon verbena tea contains flavonoids that help to do this and aid with inflammation of the blood vessels at the same time. Add a few squeezes and slices of fresh lemon to your tea for extra points.


Tea - combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet - can help keep you on top of your blood pressure. So, never underestimate the power of the perfect cuppa!


Remember to get your blood pressure checked this May at your local GP.

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