Guide to Switching to Loose-Leaf Tea posted by Stanley Mburu on August 22 2020

Get into loose tea with the Sultan Tea beginners guide

Have you always prepared tea with a teabag? Regularly wondering what loose tea is all about and if it tastes any better? Here at Sultan Tea, we love all good quality tea. Teabag or not. But there is definitely something authentic and cool about making a traditional cup of tea using loose tea leaves. Plus, if you ever want to read your future using tea, you’ll need loose tea! 

So, if you’re thinking about making the switch to loose leaf tea or at least to have it on offer at home, here’s what you need to know. 

Types of Loose Leaf Tea

There are officially six types of tea. You’ll find black, white, red, green, yellow, oolong and pu-erh. Some, more well-known than others. These types of teas all come from the same plant but the way they are oxidised decides the type of tea they become following harvesting. 

Loose tea comes in either gunpowder or filament form. Gunpowder tea is seed-shaped loose tea whereas filament tea is expertly rolled tea leaves into filament shapes. The main difference between these types of teas is that filament tea is a slower infusion of flavours. This can lead to producing a smoother and stronger flavour when left to steep in full. 

How to Choose Your Loose Tea

If you’re new to loose tea and not sure which to buy, don’t worry. Here, we’ll give you a quick and easy rundown of our loose tea options so that you can choose the perfect loose tea to suit your taste. 

We’ve also added an intensity score on our product pages so you can choose the strength in the flavour of the tea before you taste. 

Pure Gunpowder Loose Tea

  • Ambar Tea → 6/10 intensity. Smooth, sweet and not too strong. 
  • Jawhar Tea → 9/10 intensity. Rich, smooth and tasty. 
  • Assala Tea → 10/10 intensity. Strong, rich and intense. 

Flavoured Gunpowder Tea

  • Ambar with Orange Blossom → Green tea with a refreshing citrus edge. 
  • Sultan to Flio → Fast-brewing green tea with soothing spearmint notes. 
  • Ambar with Oregano → Green tea with herbal oregano notes. 

Pure Filament Loose Tea

  • Sultan al Hiba → 9/10 intensity. Slow-infusing, full-bodied green tea. 
  • Al Atik → Slow-infusing green tea with rich jasmine notes. 

Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea?

There are many reasons why people choose to prepare loose tea over teabag tea. Here are some of the key reasons we come across with our loose tea drinking friends. 

  • It’s authentic. Loose tea is the traditional way to make tea and many choose to prepare it that way for an authentic experience. 

  • It’s enjoyable! We love to brew loose tea and the preparation is a part of the process and serving of the drink. 

  • You can create the perfect cup to your taste with more or less tea, added ingredients and a choice of how long to brew your tea. 

Think it’s time to try loose-leaf tea? If you want to take the plunge, now couldn’t be a better time. This weekend only, we’ve got a special offer on our Sultan Tea and it’s all about our loose tea leaves collection. With every order over £40, you’ll get a free box of our best-selling Ambar loose tea with your delivery. 

So, try loose tea for free when buying your regular tea bags – this weekend only!

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