Green Tea 101 – Our Guide to Green Tea posted by Stanley Mburu on April 30 2021

Let’s Get to Know Green Tea


At Sultan Tea, green tea is a big deal. It’s one of our best-selling teas and it’s one of the first teas we ever created more than 80 years ago. As a company, we also own the largest green tea factory in the entire world. Something we’re pretty proud and excited to shout about! Our factory actually has well over 9000m2 of production area with over 200 people working hard to make the best green tea on the market.  


So, green tea is important to us, as you can tell. And it’s a huge part of our business.


But it’s not just us. According to recent reports, green tea consumption and production is on the rise worldwide and is expected to grow to production of nearly 3 million tons by 2023. So, we’re not alone in our love for this healthy and delicious hot drink.


But what is green tea all about? If you want to know more, this is our guide to green tea.

pure green tea


Is Green Tea Real Tea?


Yes! Although it’s clearly very different to black tea, green tea is still very much made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant like any other tea. It’s grown all over the world and is different due to its unique processing.


Making Green Tea


Wondering how green tea is made?


First, tea leaves are picked from the plant and left to wither and dry for a couple of hours. Next, unlike with black tea, oxidisation is prevented to keep the leaves green. So, they are then steamed which ‘sets’ them as they are. The leaves are then rolled and fully dried. Finally, being added to tea bags – or packaged as loose tea!


Simple, right?


Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?


Yes, green tea does have natural caffeine. It contains around 30mg per 100ml of tea, which is less than other teas and coffee.


Benefits of Green Tea


As you have probably heard, there are many, many health benefits when it comes to the regular consumption of green tea. Alongside the delicious and refreshing taste, this is one of the major reasons it has become so popular now around the world.


Here are just a few:


  • It contains strong antioxidant properties
  • It is known to improve brain function and overall brain health
  • It increases and aids the natural fat burning process so can help with weight management
  • It boosts immunity
  • It contains a wealth of antibacterial properties which also help to fight bad breath!
  • It is a prebiotic which helps with gut health and digestion
  • It is calming and soothing for the mind and the muscles
  • It helps to balance blood sugars and blood pressure
  • It is also good for the skin. Think clear and youthful complexions



Sultan Tea Green Teas


We’ve got plenty of Green Teas to try!


Here are just a few.

 pure green tea


moroccan mint tea  spicy green tea

loose green tea


Ready to try green tea now? We thought so! Take a look through the Sultan Tea collections of Green Teas and choose your perfect blend.

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