Why Is Gut Health So Important? – And How to Get It posted by Stanley Mburu on February 12 2021

Get Better Gut Health Through Diet - And Tea!


We hear a lot about gut health. But how important is it when it comes to our overall health? Turns out, very.


Our gut health can change the way we feel but also the way we fight off illness. So, working towards having a healthy and well-working gut has never been as important.


And it’s all to do with diet. Let’s look at why having a healthy gut is so important and how to make a few small changes to get yours in tip-top condition.

gut health tea

What Is Gut Health?


The gut is our stomach, intestines and colon - the track of food digestion. Not only does the gut need to digest the food and drink we eat, but it also needs to pull the nutrients from the food that our body needs. There are also millions of bacteria in our gut – both good and bad. These bacteria are working to do jobs, helping us absorb food and rid our body of waste. Our gut health is how effectively our body can do this.


Why Is Gut Health Important?


We need to be able to get the important nutrients from our food that our body needs to survive and thrive so we need our gut to work as efficiently as possible. The gut also contains the majority of our immune tissue which helps us to fight virus’ and disease.

Having a healthy gut means comfort but also overall health - so it’s really important.


Best Foods for Gut Health


Fresh foods are best for our gut. The best things we can add to our diet? High fibre foods like wholegrain choices, fresh vegetables, beans and nuts are top of the list. Choosing lean meats and live yoghurt are also high priorities if you’re concentrating on gut health.


Best Teas for Gut Health


One of the great things you can change in your diet is to add in a couple of healthy teas to help with gut health. At Sultan, we’ve got plenty of delicious options that are known to aid with digestion and overall gut health – plus, they’re all super yummy and low or zero caffeine.

after meal digestion tea 

Try our After Meal tea, which is expertly crafted with caraway and rosemary to gently ease and soothe the gut following meals.

 pure green tea

Pure Green Tea is cleansing and soothing and one of our best-sellers for easing digestion and settling your stomach.

pure verbena lemon tea 

Our best-selling tea this year so far is our Pure Verbena lemon tea. This citrus infusion is a light and delicious way to soothe your digestive tract and fight off that bad bacteria.

What to Avoid


As well as focusing on food and drink you can add to your diet to help with gut health, it might be worth considering what you need to cut down on too.


High fat and processed foods are the main culprits for irritating your gut and causing a decrease in overall health. Instead, freshly prepared meals will always win.


Fizzy drinks and high levels of caffeine – coffee, we’re looking at you here! – are the drinks that are going to cause you issues when it comes to your gut. Replacing these with water, or better yet, healthy herbal tea, is sure to give you results – and quick.



At Sultan Tea, we’ve been focusing on health and wellness like never before. In today’s world, our customers are keen to embrace a healthier lifestyle. And changing the tea you drink every day is a pretty easy and simple way to get started.


So, if you’re keen to make a couple of easy lifestyle changes and improve your gut and overall health, browse the Sultan collections and discover the perfect tea for you.

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