What to Add to Green Tea posted by Stanley Mburu on June 25 2021

Want to Update Your Daily Cup of Green Tea?


Green tea is HUGE right now. And this is no passing trend. People all over the world have come to realise the massive health and wellness benefits of drinking green tea regularly and now over 2 billion cups are enjoyed every single day around the globe – that’s about 25,000 cups every second! Alongside plain water, it’s the most drunk drink out there!


Green tea helps to cleanse the body, calm the mind, detoxify, boost your immunity as well as metabolism and SO MUCH MORE. So, no wonder it’s so popular with all types of people around the world.

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To get the most benefits of drinking green tea, you really need to have around 3 to 5 cups of it every day. Sounds like quite a lot, right? So, you might want to mix it up a bit and create different drinks for yourself so that you don’t get tired of the same drink several times a day. Luckily, that’s super easy with green tea. And that’s because it lends itself to a whole host of different add-on ingredients to slightly alter the flavour for your taste buds!


Have you tried any of these?


Anything Citrus


Add anything citrus to your tea for a refreshing cup! Fresh lemon will counter the natural taste if you’re not super keen, so add lemon juice or just a squeeze for some extra vitamin C. Or, try adding orange for a sweeter version of this citrus finish. And remember, you can always add some sugar or honey if it’s a little too tangy for you!




Mint leaves are a great add-on for green tea. Giving it a true Moroccan edge, roughly rip your fresh mint leaves and mix into your cup for flavour – and a pretty garnish.


Fresh Ginger


Add some spice to your green tea with fresh ginger. This helps add immunity boosting properties as well as helping with nausea if you’re feeling unwell. You only need to add a little due to the strong flavour, and a touch of cinnamon is the perfect finishing add-in.

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Turmeric Powder


Packed with extra antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that boost what’s already in green tea, turmeric powder is another popular choice. This helps to regulate sugar levels and helps to suppress fat tissue growth as well as boosting your immunity even more.




Finally, why not try vanilla? Vanilla gives the green tea a slightly creamier taste which many find softens the flavour and makes it easier to drink when you want something a little smoother and sweeter.


Which Green Tea?


Not sure which green tea to try first? Search our huge collection of Green Teas to find the perfect one for you.


From our Pure Green Tea bags to our Loose Green Tea, firstly, decide how you’d like to prepare your tea and that helps to narrow down the type of green tea you should buy.


Why not try our famous Moroccan Mint Tea? Or even our Spicy Green Tea with cinnamon and ginger. Alternatively, opt for one of our green teas with a unique ingredient, such as our Green Tea with Oregano. You won’t know until you try it!




Try adding several cups of green tea to your daily routine and see how fast you start to see the health and wellness benefits of this globally loved drink!

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