What Is the Healthiest Tea to Drink in The Morning? posted by Stanley Mburu on February 26 2021

Best Teas to Start the Day


Most of the world start the day with a hot cup of… something. Right? We wake up, we either jump out of bed and into the shower or hit snooze a few extra times – no judgement here! – and then the next step is usually preparing ourselves for our first drink of the day.


But what should we be drinking first thing?

healthy teas for the morning  

For some, it just has to be a super strong coffee. For others, it needs to be cold, maybe fruit juice or just water.


But there are definitely some options that are healthier than others. So, let’s take a look.


All tea is less acidic than coffee so if you’re looking for a healthy and hot start, tea is the way forward!


Most Healthy Tea to Drink in The Morning


We’ve got a fave tea for every time of day. How about you?


Lemon Tea

lemon tea 

Lemon water is known as pretty much the best thing we can have to start the day. So, if you love a hot drink, try a warming cup of pure herbal lemon tea – like our best-selling Verbena tea.


With caffeine, this cleansing purely herbal lemon infusion gives you a boost of vitamin C from the moment you get going in the morning. Great for increasing your immunity.


Lemon tea also maintains a balanced PH level in your body, which keeps digestion on track -and even blood pressure levels. With antibacterial and detoxifying properties, having a cup of lemon tea in the morning is like a quick cleanse for your insides. Plus, it’s a great boost for your metabolism to start the day right.


Simple Green Tea

pure green tea 

With natural caffeine for alertness and brain activity without the shakes that often accompany a strong coffee, try a simple and cleansing Green tea in the morning.


Sticking with the pure tea idea, green tea gives you the perfect boost to start the day - without the harsh hit of caffeine that you get from a coffee. Green tea also kick starts your metabolism and helps you to increase natural fat burning. So, it’s perfect to have before your morning workout.


Known to fight oral bacteria, why not help your regular teeth brushing in the morning, too!


Black Tea, No Milk


If like millions of us, you prefer your morning black tea with milk, it’s not the worst thing you can consume in the morning. However, trying it without milk added does make it that much healthier. And if you choose the right black tea, you won’t need the milk for added taste.


Why no milk?


Studies have said that adding milk to tea can halt or hinder the antioxidant benefits that black tea offers when served sans milk. Adding milk also increases the acidity of the drink.

 imperial black tea Earl grey with mint tea

Try our Imperial black tea or Earl Grey and Mint tea if you fancy trying a delicious and flavourful cup of tea (with or) without the milk.




If you want to make a lifestyle update and get a little healthier, why not start with the first thing you put in the body in the morning? Not only are our healthy teas delicious, but they’re a great way to start the day with a boost to the metabolism and the brain!


Discover Sultan Tea’s range of black, green and herbal teas for a huge selection of tasty options.

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