Tea Subscription – How Our Sub & Save Works posted by Stanley Mburu on April 09 2021

Fancy a Tea Subscription This Year? Or What About as a Gift?


Last year, Sultan Tea introduced our tea subscription service – Sub & Save. And you guys have loved it. Because so many of our loyal customers have signed up for the service, we thought we’d have a quick run through of exactly how it works and why it might work for you!


Call yourself a tea lover? This is all for you!


How Does It Work?


When you sign up for a Sultan Tea Sub & Save account, you’ll get a log in with your email and a password. In here, you can manage your account – which includes being able to cancel your subscription at any time should you change your mind. Although, we bet you don’t!


So, when you decide you want to subscribe initially, all you need to do is click the SUBSCRIBE option on your chosen tea instead of the pre-selected option ONE-TIME. See below. (This automatically saves you 25%!) 

 tea subscription

Next, you can choose how often you’d like your tea to be delivered directly to your door. This could be every week, every month or every 4 months or plenty of options in between. Choose the option that best suits you, your household and how much tea you and your family tend to get through!!


You then choose your pack size. For example, 1 Pack – 20 tea bags, 4 Pack – 80 tea bags, 10 Pack, 200 tea bags.


You can add as many or as few teas to your Sub & Save cart but always remember to select the SUBSCRIBE option if you want them to come as part of your subscription.  


Pros of Having a Sub & Save Account


We love having a tea subscription and lots of our customers do too. Here’s why!


  • Never run out of tea again! Never again open up your tea bag tin to find someone has taken the last bag! Your supply comes straight to your door, no problem.
  • We offer free delivery on all orders over £15. So, grab a few different teas and you don’t even pay to get them to you.
  • If you’re buying tea anyway – which we all are! – why not save 25%! With the tea subscription, you save 25% on every order you place, just for being a member.
  • You’re always free to change your mind and cancel at any time. No ties, here.



Get a Tea Subscription as a Gift


Whether our Sub & Save subscription is for you or not, maybe you’re thinking about it for someone else. And that’s what so many of our customers have also done! Whether it’s for a birthday, Father’s Day or any other event – or just for no reason at all – gifting someone a tea subscription really is the gift that keeps on giving!


Choose how often you want to gift your recipient teas and have deliveries sent to them as you please, cancelling or transferring the payments to them whenever you like. What a great gift for someone who you know loves tea!

 moroccan mint tea 

Try out the Sultan Tea tea subscription Sub & Save this month and remember, you get 25% off every order when you subscribe. It’s win-win.

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