Sultan Tea Catch Up – Who Are We? posted by Stanley Mburu on May 14 2021

Who Are We and Why Do We Love Tea?


It’s been a while since we’ve had a chat about, well, us! If you don’t know too much about Sultan Tea and our history, we’d like to reintroduce ourselves and let you know a little more about us, why we love tea so much, what we’re all about – and of course, some of our best-selling tea blends that we’d love for you to try out!


As the biggest Moroccan tea brand, we are now growing fast, selling teas all over the world and showing people that Moroccan and healthy teas are DELICIOUS. And it’s been a very fun ride so far!

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The Sultan Tea History


The Sultan Tea brand has over 80 years of history in the tea industry. Starting as Al Arche tea back in 1936, our founder, Hadj Hassan Raji, was a pioneer in the tea industry in Morocco. From this moment, he continued to develop new blends and flavours of innovative and unique teas that Morocco – and the world - loved.


And as a brand, we’ve never stopped!


Our Factories


As a major Moroccan tea brand, we hold the largest green tea factory in the world. And we are super proud of it! Our state of the art tea plant in Morocco has over 9000m2 of tea-making space and is home to over 200 expert tea makers that love tea as much as everyone at our head office.


Why We Love Tea


We love tea for so many reasons. Not only because it’s the most delicious drink in the world. In Morocco, tea is a way of life. Not just a drink. We wanted to bring the Moroccan love for tea drinking into cultures all around the world. As we’ve evolved as a brand, we’ve also become more health-conscious. And more aware of the incredible health benefits that regularly drinking tea can bring.


We want to show the world that tea is delicious and healthy - and a great reason to get friends and family together too!

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The Sultan Tea Collections


One of the things we’re most proud of is the diverse collection of tea we now have at Sultan Tea.


From our world-famous green tea – in a pretty huge range of flavours – to our classic and deliciously rich black teas, when it comes to everyday tea, we’ve got you covered.


You can also discover our incredible range of herbal tea blends. This includes everything from classic lemon tea or pure mint to our exclusive health teas that focus on things like weight management, sleep and stress.


Lastly, don’t miss our famous Moroccan loose tea collections. Perfect for creating an authentic tea experience in your own home.




So, if we’ve persuaded you that our delicious and healthy teas are worth trying, we’re super happy!! Whatever you’re into, we have an amazing tea blend to suit your tastes. Have a scroll through our collections today and select a couple of new teas to try and expand your tea-loving taste buds!

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