Stress Awareness Month – Tea’s to De-Stress posted by Stanley Mburu on April 02 2021

Tea That Can Help De-Stress, Calm & Soothe the Mind & Body


Did you know that April is officially stress awareness month? And it’s actually been stress awareness month every April since 1992! According to Stress.Org, we have a stress epidemic in the modern world. And with the fast-paced lifestyle we have created as a society, it’s not hard to believe!


Millions of people in the UK suffer from stress and stress-related illnesses and side effects. Not only can stress lead to things like depression and insomnia, but it can also be linked to serious physical health concerns, such as heart disease and problems with immunity.


So, it’s not something to take lightly!


That’s why, this month, we’re attempting to bring some awareness to the problem and encourage you to seek out ways to treat your stress.


In the world of Sultan Tea, we’re looking to teas that can actually help to de-stress – as a starting point.


Didn’t know such tea existed? Here are a few from the Sultan Tea collection that might be worth a try if you know you have stress in your life. This is the perfect month to give them a go!


Head straight to our Sultan Tea STRESSED page for our top recommendations.


Pure Verbena Tea

Pure verbena tea 

Firstly, we’re coming straight to our Pure Verbena tea bags. Our current best-selling tea in the Sultan Tea collection.


While this tea has sold incredibly this last year due to its immunity-boosting and all-round wellness benefits through the pandemic, it’s also high up there on our list of de-stressing teas.


From our Nature collection, this verbena tea is a pure infusion with a light lemon-fresh flavour. The verbena has a calming effect on the body and mind, helping to soothe the nervous system as well as relieve muscle tension – and stress.


Moment of Relaxation

 de-stress tea

Our Moment of Relaxation tea was created for exactly that. To give you a moment of pure relaxation and help to de-stress at any time throughout the day.


From our Wellness collection, this subtle infusion tea is crafted with soothing camomile and green anise for the perfect balance of comfort and naturally soft sweetness. With slight malty tones, the camomile helps to de-stress the body as well as aiding with things like digestion and sleep while green anise is said to be a natural anti-depressant as well as being rich in nutrients.


Day & Night Tea

 de-stress tea

Another great option is our Day & Night tea. This blend is a combination of our delicious caffeine-free green tea and verbena. Not only does it taste fresh and delicious, but you get the soothing benefits of both the green tea and the lemon verbena, making it a therapeutic option to calm, soothe and relax any time of day.



If stress is something you deal with in your life, April is a great time to address the problem and start to think about the causes of your stress and how you can create a less stressful lifestyle. Whether you feel like you need a total job and lifestyle renovation or you just need the perfect de-stressing cuppa for the end of the day, we’re here to support.


Don’t stress, Sultan Tea has your back.


Try a de-stressing tea this April and remember to let us know what you think!

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