Which Tea Is Best for Glowing Skin? posted by Stanley Mburu on January 15 2021

Get Your GLOW on with your fave brew!


We all want that healthy and glowing skin that makes us feel our best. Right? And, if you’ve not heard it before, skin health starts on the inside. You can invest in all the amazing skincare and beauty products in the world, but if you’re not starting with a healthy body, you’ll struggle to achieve the healthy and natural glow that you really want.


But can you get glowing and beautiful skin from a tea?


Actually, yes.


There are many studies and research projects that show that certain types of tea can help to get a healthy glow for your skin. Obviously, this is in tandem with a healthy lifestyle and diet – and enough sleep, which is SO important for skin!


So, today, we’re taking a look at some of the teas you can try adding to your everyday routine to help you get the glow we all crave.


Plus, they’re all delicious. So, it’s win-win.


Green Tea

 Pure Green Tea

Green tea is known for so many health and wellness benefits. But a major benefit is its cleansing and detoxifying properties, which in turn, are known to help with clearing skin.


This type of tea has a whole host of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antimicrobial properties that make it a great natural treatment for skin issues. Definitely one to try first.


Ginger Tea

Spicy Green Tea with Ginger 

A tea with a little less of a following but still great for skin is ginger tea. Ginger is known to contain a huge list of antioxidants. Many of which are said to fight visible signs of ageing as well as detoxifying your skin.


While pure ginger tea might be a little difficult to stomach for some, why not try our Spicy Green Tea with ginger and cinnamon. Not only do you get the full benefits of both ginger and green tea in one, but you also get the smooth sweetness of that added touch of cinnamon. Delicious!


Camomile Tea

Camomile tea

For the best skin, you need to get lots of sleep. This is something we all know and yet, we can all be guilty of staying up a little too late one too many nights in a row. Leaving our skin to tell the tale. So, another way you can achieve your best glow yet is to ensure you get the best and longest sleep possible.


Do this with our delicious Camomile tea.


The delectable aroma and flavour of our Camomile tea is the perfect reason to enjoy it just before bed. With antioxidants and natural relaxants, this tea is known to calm and soothe while helping to release tension in the muscles and rest of the body, easing you into a deep sleep. Say goodbye to dark circles!


Moroccan Green tea  

It’s never been easier, more fun and more delicious to get started on a new beauty and skincare regime!


With the help of Sultan Tea, why not think twice about the type of tea you opt for every day. Instead of your usual brew, make a switch to one of these skin-glow-enhancing blends and see how it can really make a difference to your complexion. And remember to let us know when you start to see some results!!


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