Update Your Wellness Routine for Summer posted by Stanley Mburu on April 16 2021

Make Health a Priority This Season


Our health has become a hotter topic than ever over the last year. More people are now focusing on their general overall health as a priority and things like strong immunity have never been more important.


We’ve seen a huge difference here at Sultan Tea in the types of teas that our loyal customers are choosing. Our health and wellness teas are now our best-sellers with blends like our Pure Verbena herbal tea now our official best-selling tea.


With everyone taking more interest in their health, we’ve been looking at lots of different ways you can update your everyday wellness routine this summer. So, these are our top tips for leading an overall more health-conscious day-to-day.

pure verbena tea 

Start the Day Right


Firstly, think about how you start your day. Whether it’s a tired Tuesday morning or a weekend, what are the first things you do when you open your eyes in the morning? For many of us, it’s the thought of that first cup of tea or coffee.


Something you can do to improve your wellness routine is to switch that morning drink for something that serves your health. A great way to kick off the day. We recently wrote a blog talking about the healthiest tea to drink in the morning – so check that out for inspo!


Our first recommendation for your morning drink? Our Pure Verbena tea – a refreshing citrus tea packed with flavour. With a dose of natural caffeine, this tea will also give you a boost of vitamin C to start the day, help to increase your immunity and even help to balance your PH levels, which aids digestion and even blood pressure.


Now, does your usual double-shot Starbucks offer that?


Cut the Caffeine


Many won’t like to hear it but cutting down your caffeine intake is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve your wellness routine. Switching to healthier herbal teas, smoothies and juices and running off the natural energy that these bring is drastically better for your mind, body – and your heart!


Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep


Next – make sure you’re getting enough sleep to start with. This is so important for our overall health and wellness. We’ve recently written a blog including all our top tips for a better night’s sleep. So, have a read and see if you can make some improvements for a better and more restful sleep.

 wellness routine

…And Enough Fresh Air


As well as sleep, we also need plenty of fresh air and sunlight. This can have a major effect on your overall health. So, from today, make sure you’re getting outside EVERY day and getting your steps in. Breathe in that fresh air and let the sunshine top up your vitamin D naturally and see how much better you feel with some time outside as part of your routine.


Set Goals & Feel More Productive


Lastly, we wanted to touch on mindset. Our mindset can play a huge role in the way we feel, which all links to our overall wellness. So, start to add some mindfulness into your summer routine and see how it might benefit you.


Try waking up in the morning and setting a few goals for the day. Once you’ve ticked your way through your goals, you’ll be left feeling productive and accomplished – both important aspects for a healthy and happy mind.




Are you already doing these things to improve your overall health and wellness? Are there any essential things you’d add to the list? We’d love to hear from you! Keep your eyes and ears on the Sultan Tea blog for plenty more about health and wellness over the coming weeks.

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