Top 5 Tips to Start Your Mornings Well posted by Stanley Mburu on February 19 2021

Want to become a morning person?


If you’re not a morning person, it’s hard to imagine jumping out of bed, raring to go as soon as the alarm goes off. But some people manage to do it. And some people absolutely swear by it!


But is it worth changing your ways? And where do you start?

how to start your mornings well


Pros of Being a Morning Person


  • If you start the day positively and actively, you’re more likely to continue your day in the same way.
  • It is said to help improve mental health.
  • Early starts often lead to more structured nights and a better night’s sleep.
  • You’re less likely to procrastinate and waste away the first few hours of the day – especially if you’re working from home at the moment!
  • Most people find they have more energy during the day – and they’re more likely to commit to some regular exercise.
  • If you start your day earlier, you literally have more hours in the day!


Ok, ok. We’re kind of convinced.


So, how do we do it?


How to Start Your Mornings Well


Here are our top 5 tips to get started as a morning person.


Update Your Morning Routine


Many of us hate the mornings because our alarm goes off, ripping into our sleep and we then need to get up in a race, rushing to get ready for whatever lies ahead that day.


We say, change this routine up. Set your alarm earlier than you really need to get wake up – just 10 minutes or so will do. And make sure your alarm is a noise with positive associations, not just the standard iPhone alarm. Try something soothing or even your favourite song.


Then spend the first 10 minutes awake committed to a quick morning meditation. You can find plenty of examples of these on YouTube to go along with. You’ll soon find your mornings are more peaceful than they used to be. You might even look forward to them!

morning tea 

Move Your Alarm


This one is simple. If you’re one for hitting the snooze button – we’ve all been guilty of this! – then move your alarm to the other side of the room. That means that when it goes off, you physically have to get up and out of bed to turn it off. Once you’re up, you may as well stay up and hop straight in the shower or to grab your morning tea. You’re much less likely to do this than to actively climb back under the covers. Hopefully.


Use Light to Wake Up


This one isn’t for everyone but it works for many. When we wake up, if it’s light, we feel more ready to get up. If it’s dark, we feel more inclined to stay in bed. So, either sleep with your curtains open to let in the morning sunshine or use a light timer to pair with your alarm so that when it’s time to get up, your lights switch on to let you know.


Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Sounds obvious but it’s harder to get up in the morning if you’ve had a late night or broken sleep the night before. Right?


So, start as you mean to go on a make sure you’re in bed for a decent time. Maximise your sleep by trying to turn off from TV and phones before bedtime and increase your chances of a good night’s sleep by having a soothing cup of Good Night tea about an hour before you want to go to sleep.

You should wake up feeling bright and refreshed.

good night tea


Start the Day with The Right Cup of Tea


Instead of relying on that strong cup of tea or coffee to wake you up in the morning, try a healthy tea option instead. That way, the first thing you’re putting into your body in the morning is GOOD for you – it just sets the day off right!


Try a classic and cleansing green tea or even our citrus-infused lemon verbena tea as the perfect caffeine alternative to get your brain and metabolism moving first thing.



Now is a good a time as any to change your lifestyle habits and start your mornings off that little bit better. Try one or more of our top tips to becoming a morning person and let us know what worked best for you!


And remember – We’re here for you if you want to add a healthy tea to your daily morning routine! Sign up to Subscribe & Save to get monthly or bi-monthly deliveries of your fave teas straight to your door – and save 25% on every order when doing so!

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