Perfect Teas for Cosy Winter Nights posted by Stanley Mburu on December 11 2020

The Perfect Cuppa for a Cosy Night In


Our favourite thing about colder and darker winter nights? More excuses to curl up on the couch with our favourite cup of tea. Who’s with us?


When it comes to choosing the perfect blend for a cosy night in, we’re all about rich and luxurious flavours. Plus, it’s a great time to try something new. Craving a touch of cinnamon or a flash of delicious orange blossom? Well, at Sultan Tea, we’ve got the perfect blend. Ideal for those long and dark winter nights in at home.


Here are just a few of our fave tea blends this winter. Which one sounds perfect to you?


Moroccan Chaï Tea

 Moroccan Chai Tea


Warm, delicious and gently aromatic. Our Moroccan Chaï tea might be the perfect winter warmer.


This soothing and super smooth tea blend is our Moroccan take on the Indian classic chaï and a sumptuous balance of both sweet and spice. Our fave during the festive season.


Our chaï is crafted using rich black tea leaves blended expertly with a touch of soothing and festive cinnamon, sweet and delicious caramel and liquorice, and just a hint of apples, pineapples and citrus.


Marrakesh Sunset

 Marrakech Sunset Tea


If you love cinnamon as much as us this time of year, this blend is another great choice for you to try.  


Made in our luxury pyramid shaped tea bags, Marrakesh Sunset is a blend of black and green tea leaves. Added to this, you’ll taste festive cinnamon for the perfect hint of warming spice making it super smooth and deliciously rich. This authentic Moroccan recipe also includes orange notes, perfect for this time of year and serves up the ideal balance of antioxidants and cleansing properties while remaining overtly warming and soothing to the soul.


Spicy Green Tea


Spicy Green Tea

A fan of green tea? We’ve got the perfect green tea blend for a winter night in – our delicious and unique Spicy Green Tea.


The traditional Moroccan green tea has a spicy and cosy finish due to the addition of cinnamon (our fave winter warming ingredient!), ginger, fennel and even liquorice. Every ingredient boosts the flavour and gives it a richer and more rounded spicy aroma.


Sweet Almond Tea

 Sweet Almond Tea


Lastly, we couldn’t do a winter warmer blog without our incredible Sweet Almond Tea. The perfect balance of refreshing and rich fragrant flavour, our sweet almond tea is crafted with green tea leaves paired with almond extract and orange blossom. The local recipe offers a sweet and citrus finish while serving up extra digestion benefits, which always go down well this time of year!




Not sure how to possibly choose a new winter tea this season? If our run-down of current faves haven’t helped you to make a decision yet, remember to also check out our best-selling tea page, packed with all our customers top picks at the moment. And if you love tea as much as we do, remember you can always sign up for our Sultan Tea Sub & Save loyalty programme to get your tea delivered to your door every month with a discount.


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