Mother’s Day Gifts for Tea Lovers posted by Stanley Mburu on March 05 2021

What to Buy Your Mum This Mother’s Day!


In case you didn’t realise, this year’s Mother’s Day is on the approach! Don’t forget to get something special for the most important lady or ladies in your life in time for the 14th.  

Mother's Day gifts


Does your mum (or mother-in-law, stepmother or any other kind of mother!) love tea? Most people do! So, what can you get for the tea lover in your life for Mother’s Day this year? We’ve got you well and truly covered with some simple but effective tea-inspired gifts. Grab them just in time!


Choose A Tea Bundle to Suit Her


If buying a box of tea for your mum for Mother’s Day doesn’t feel like enough of a gift, we’ve got the perfect solution. Introducing our Tea Bundle sets.


Depending on your mum’s style and taste, there’s a perfect bundle to suit – which means multiple teas selected in one swoop for her to try. For example, if she’s into herbal teas, our Herbal Wellness bundle would be perfect. If she likes traditional Moroccan tea, try the Moroccan Mint Tea bundle.

herbal tea bundle


Then it’s up to you to wrap it up in something fancy.


Let Her Display Her Tea in Style


If she’s already got a full selection of teas on the go, why not choose something to help her organise and display them?


Check out our Gifts page and you’ll discover our range of beautifully crafted leather and wooden tea display boxes. Choose a Sultan Tea branded high-quality leather display box with space for plenty of individual tea bags – and why not include a few of our teas for good measure!?

leather tea display box 

Or, opt for our wooden display box, as a slightly more compact version.



Treat Her to A Subscription


If you want to treat her to a gift that keeps on giving – literally – then why not opt for our Sub & Save tea subscription. From whenever you choose, our subscription service means that your mum will receive her favourite teas, directly to her front door every week, two weeks or monthly. What a great gift!


Plus, you get 25% off whatever you order for her each time!


Choose a subscription that comes in at £15 or over and each delivery is also free. Just head to our Sub & Save page and select the teas you’d like to order for her, adding to your subscription and choosing how often you’d like them to be delivered. We’ll set up the rest with our simple auto-renew feature.


tea subscription 


Make sure the important women in your life know you’ve been thinking about them on the lead up to Mother’s Day this year.


A bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates is good. A tea-inspired gift that she’ll use over and over is better. From her fave loose tea blends to a monthly subscription to any tea in the collection, choose from Sultan Tea today and get it just in time for the big day.


Mother’s Day | 14th March 2021

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