Everything You Need for An Autumn Tea Party posted by Stanley Mburu on October 14 2020

Set Yourself for a Tea Party This Season

With everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, we’re not likely to be planning any big parties at home any time soon. However, a cute little tea party might still be on the cards this autumn. Whether you keep it super small, socially distance or do it over Facetime, an autumn tea party can be a lovely way to gather some friends and family and catch up.

But what do you need to plan a tea party?

At Sultan Tea, we’re making it simple for you!


At-Home Autumn Tea Party

If you’re thinking about putting together a tea party, here are the Sultan Tea essentials.


The Perfect Tea Pot

Whether you’re going to serve tea bags or loose tea, you still need a proper tea pot if you’re going to have a proper tea party, don’t you think!? Well, we do!

And why not make it a beautiful, traditional and authentic Moroccan tea pot while you’re at it!?



Our tea pots are a couple of our favourite things from the Sultan Tea collection. This is because we’ve poured so much love into how they’re made and how they look. Traditional and authentic at heart, you can choose from either our glass or our chrome-plated brass pot.

Our glass tea pot comes complete as a set, alongside two coordinating glass tea cups. While our brass pot comes solo, there’s something about an authentic silver tea pot that just feels so Moroccan. We love them both.

Use them with tea bags as normal or use them with loose tea and just remember to strain the tea leaves while serving!

This week at Sultan Tea, get 25% off our gorgeous and authentic Moroccan tea pots as our extra special treat to encourage you to try out a little tea party of your own!


The Right Tea

So, when you’re having a tea party, which tea do you serve?

For us, it’s all about choice.

If you’re planning a traditional Moroccan set-up, it’s always great to have a pot of homemade Moroccan mint tea ready to serve. But it’s always nice to have other options too.



A great solution if you’re not sure is to opt for a Sultan Tea bundle.

We’ve created our bundles to allow you to get a whole plethora of tea blend options in one go. Choose from our exclusive green tea bundle, black tea, herbal teas or lots more to make sure you’ve got a delicious selection to choose from for all your tea party guests.



Lastly, you can’t forget to gather some food for your guests. If you’re putting on a traditional Moroccan tea party, you might want to serve rich and buttery cookies and biscuits. If you’re opting for a more English-inspired tea party, mini cakes and sandwiches are all you need to serve. Maybe even a scone or two!

But when it comes to a tea party, it’s all about the tea so keep it simple!

Remember – this week only, we’re offering you 25% off all our incredible tea pots!! Embrace the tea party vibe and make sure your tea party is all set with the perfect Moroccan tea pot to set the mood and prepare your tea in the most authentic way. With a little help from Sultan Tea.

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