Best Teas for A Healthy Lifestyle posted by Stanley Mburu on January 08 2021

Make Tea Your Health Choice This New Year


If you’re all set to make some healthier lifestyle choices for 2021, why not start with the right cup of tea?


We’re a nation of tea lovers. And that’s not going to change any time soon! But that doesn’t mean we all need to stick to the same teas we’ve always enjoyed. Why not try something new this spring? And something super healthy!


These are just a few of the super healthy teas you might want to try adding to your morning routine.


Pure Green Tea

pure green tea


We’ve all heard on the grapevine that green tea is the way to go in terms of a healthy tea option. But did you know how healthy green tea actually is? And the sheer volume of health benefits regular green teas can offer you?


Our Pure Green Tea is green tea in its purest and simplest form. Using only the best quality green tea leaves, of course.


Packed with antioxidants, green tea is cleansing for the digestive system and entire body, proving to be a natural detoxifier. Green tea also boosts the metabolism, which can help with weight management and is even known to help improve cognitive function which can help with your day to day memory!


Not only this, but green tea helps to protect against ageing in terms of cells in the body and your skin AND it aids against stress and anxiety.


Phew! That’s a lot of benefits from a yummy brew.


Green Tonic

 green tonic tea


Another delicious green tea to try would be our Green Tonic. From our wellness collection, this is green tea with a burst of bright and fresh citrus flavour. Using our highest quality leaves in a luxury pyramid teabag for maximum flavour. Discover a fresh, invigorating, energising, cleansing and detoxifying tea blend with ginger and ginseng which add anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunity boosting properties.


Green Tea with Saffron

green tea saffron


Another alternative for green tea with a whole new flavour is our Green Tea with Saffron. In this tea, you’ll find all the benefits of the previous green teas. But with saffron too. Saffron is known to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol while working against anxiety and depression. The smell of saffron is even said to regulate mood.


Pure Verbena Tea

pure verbena tea


Don’t fancy a green tea? Try our lemon verbena blend. With a fresh rounded citrus flavour, lemon verbena is known for its medicinal properties. It can help to decrease the formation of fatty acids which in turn helps with weight loss management and other obesity related issues while boosting metabolism naturally. It’s also packed with anti-inflammatories which help to soothe the digestive system offering a caffeine free energy boost perfect any time of day.


Moroccan Mint Tea

moroccan mint tea


Lastly, why not try some mint tea? You will probably have heard all about the health benefits of mint tea. So you could try our Pure Mint Tea or for something a little different our Moroccan Mint Tea with Marrakech twist. Helping with digestion – think anything from indigestion or cramping to bloating – mint tea is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce stress and even nausea due to its natural antioxidants.



Did you realise it was going to be that easy to make some healthier lifestyle choices this year? As easy as a cuppa!


From lemon verbena tea to a simple pure green, there is a huge variety of tea blends that can offer you health benefits ranging from natural antioxidants to anti-anxiety relief. And it’s really as simple as putting your feet up for a few minutes every day to enjoy a delicious brew from the Sultan Tea collection.


Happy tea shopping!

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