6 Ways to Teach Yourself to Relax posted by Stanley Mburu on January 29 2021

Need to learn to relax this year?


Sometimes, relaxing doesn’t come as easy as it should. Life is stressful and fast-paced and with everything that has been going on over the last year, lots of us have been finding it increasingly difficult to just R.E.L.A.X.


So, how can we help? Here are our top tips on teaching yourself the skills of actually relaxing.

 learn to relax

Consider Meditation


Have you ever thought about trying meditation? It can be as simple as some morning breathwork for 10 minutes or a full 60 min guided meditation class. Whatever works for you. But millions of people around the globe now rely on meditation to help calm and centre their minds so they can truly relax.


You can make it fit into your personal schedule easily and with a little research, find the perfect style of meditation for your lifestyle. Why not give it a go?


Find Your Exercise


If you don’t already exercise, you might think of it as the opposite of relaxing. But many people find having a regular walk, run, yoga class or workout the perfect way to work off your day-to-day steam and really relax.


It’s all about finding the workout that works for you. Why not try something new this week?


Enjoy a Relaxing Tea!


Of course, this is our favourite suggestion.


Did you know some types of tea are actually crafted to help you relax? And they can be effective even for those who struggle to get themselves into a relaxed state.

 day and night relaxing tea


For example, our Day and Night Tea is crafted with green tea packed with relaxing properties that help to soothe and calm the mind. Plus, it’s delicious. Win-win.


Practice Prioritising


If life is stressing you out and you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate, you need to practice the art of prioritising. This is all about realising that you can’t do everything all at once. Which can be very hard for lots of people!


Compartmentalise your tasks, decide which are the most important and give yourself bitesize to-do lists that are achievable - along with permission to yourself to take a break and relax at the end of your list instead of being stressed about what else there is to do. Practice makes perfect.  


Turn Off Your Tech

learn to relax 

We’ve all heard we should be using our tech less. From our phones to our iPads and TVs, they’re on constantly and our eyes are pretty much always fixed to some sort of screen.


The best tricks? Turn off your devices by a certain time at night and limit the amount of time you spend on certain apps. You can even use your device to set these boundaries so that it tells you when you’ve had enough screen time!


Also, try using an old-school alarm clock instead of your phone so it’s not by your bed!


Use your Tech Better


Lastly, alongside limiting your tech, you can actually use it to help you. Instead of scrolling or working on your tech, use the music or the apps for relaxation. Guided meditation or even online therapy is available and can help you to relax rather than spending endless hours on emails or social media.



Let yourself relax this year. And if you’re struggling, try one or a few of our top tips and see if it helps!

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