Best Teas to Help with Digestion posted by Stanley Mburu on December 18 2020

Need a little digestive help this season?


Around this time of year, we like to indulge in a few more treats, rich foods and loveliness than maybe our gut is used to. So, getting some form of bloating or indigestion can usually be expected. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept it! And there’s a way to combat it quickly – with the help of certain types of tea!


From mint to lemon verbena, there are lots of ingredients in tea that can help to soothe your digestion, reduce bloating and generally calm and aid a more comfortable tummy after enjoying a rich meal. Here are some from the Sultan Tea collection that we’d recommend trying this festive season.


After Meal Tea

After Meal Tea


Our caffeine-free After Meal is designed with digestion in mind. Helping to absorb the nutrients of your meal and soothe the digestive tract, it has a very light, fresh and delicate flavour. Perfect to follow a large and rich meal.


With several ingredients in the blend specifically for digestion, you’ll find caraway, an ancient remedy for digestion to ease everything from stomach spasms to indigestion. We also included a light dash of rosemary in the blend which works towards overall gut health and nutrient absorption. The perfect After Meal choice.


Green Tea with Peppermint

 Green Tea with Peppermint


You’ve probably heard that mint tea is great for digestion and stomach comfort and we’re here to confirm, the rumour is very much true.


Our fast-brewing Green Tea with Peppermint is a great choice. This flavour is well-rounded but light and easily enjoyable – even after a big meal. Made with loose Jawhar tea grains, it’s packed with the natural benefits of green tea (cleansing, soothing and calming of the stomach) but also the antioxidants and that come with some added mint. Perfect to soothe an irritated gut.


Pure Verbena Tea

 Pure verbena tea


Lemon tea is a great choice for those who like to enjoy something very simple and refreshing after a meal. Our Pure Verbena tea is from our Nature Collection and has a light citrus lemon flavour, perfect to refresh the palette.


This tea will soothe the whole digestive system and is known to loosen the toxins throughout the gut and digestive tract to relieve the pain of indigestion and improve overall digestive comfort.


Silhouette Tea

 Silhouette Tea


Our Silhouette tea is another tea blend specifically designed with this issue in mind. Packed with diuretic properties, this herbal tea infusion blend has a refreshing and light flavour and zero calories. With anti-inflammatory benefits, each of the ingredients in this blend is there to serve the purpose of soothing the digestive system after any indulgence.


Cherry tails have been used in Indian tea making for many years as a traditional diuretic and anti-oxidant. Alongside cherry, you’ll taste light floral hibiscus notes – an ingredient known to help lower blood pressure. We also included just a touch of anise in the blend – also known as aniseed – which calms the stomach and detoxifies when enjoyed regularly.



Don’t put up with an uncomfortable stomach this festive season. Add a couple of boxes of the right tea to your holiday shopping list and you can help to solve the bloat and indigestion that often comes around this time of year. Shop the Sultan Tea collection for authentic Moroccan teas with a modern twist!

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