Best Teas for Digestion posted by Stanley Mburu on August 14 2020

Top Teas to Battle the Bloat

We all hate the feeling of being bloated after a meal. But it happens. Sometimes, our digestion just working in tip-top condition and we need a little help along to way to soothe and ease our stomachs. And that’s where certain teas can come into play.

How can tea help ease digestion?

First, let’s look at how tea works to help ease digestion and other stomach issues.

Tea has been used for centuries to do just that. But how?

Tea can help with the assimilation of food. This means how food is broken down and absorbed by the body. Alongside this, certain teas can help to actually soothe the digestive tract into the intestine, which makes the whole process easier within your body – and therefore, less uncomfortable or noticeable to you.

Tea can help with acid reflux, which is another part of uncomfortable digestion. Plus, it can also help to relax the muscles within the digestive system to relieve blockages, cramping and even flatulence.

So, which tea is best?


Mint Tea

Mint tea is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a great choice as an after-meal beverage. Try our Pure Mint tea for our purest mint tea infusion blend.

A pure mint tea sets out to soothe and calm digestion and ease an upset stomach in the most natural way.



Green Tea

Green tea contains something called catechins. These are compounds with high levels of antioxidant properties and can ease and slow down the process of digestion. This helps your system to avoid absorbing your food’s calories too quickly, which is why it is known for enjoying as part of a weight management plan. As well as to ease digestion and reduce bloating.

Try our Pure Green tea or even our Green Tea with Mint and Sage for added flavour and richness.


Silhouette Tea

If you prefer fruity teas to minty flavours, our Silhouette infusion blend might be the perfect choice for you.

This tea is packed with soothing diuretic properties. As well as easing digestion and refreshing the palette, it helps to detoxify the body with flavours that include cherry, hibiscus, liquorice, aniseed and just a touch of mint. The addition of aniseed to the recipe is known to help with everything from general digestion to reducing post-food nausea. Plus, the liquorice helps to reduce stomach acid and water retention.



After Meal Tea

Don’t forget, Sultan Tea always has your back. So, to make things even easier when you’re trying to choose a digestive tea, we created our After Meal tea.

This is caffeine-free herbal tea so is perfect no matter how late you’ve enjoyed your last meal of the day. We’ve included notes of peppermint (which is particularly soothing), rosemary and soft touches of citrus lemon. This blended infusion creates a calming and soothing aroma and flavour which also help to ease uncomfortable digestion as well as long-lasting stomach issues.

Time to try a digestion-soothing tea? We think so!

If you ever struggle with bloating or cramping after dinner, try a soothing cup of tea from the Sultan Tea collection. And this week, if you shop over £35 worth of tea from our Wellbeing Collection (which includes After Meals tea, Moment of Relaxation, Silhouette and Good Night tea), you can get 25% off your order.





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