What Is the Difference Between Black and Green Tea? posted by Stanley Mburu on February 05 2021

Is It Just the Taste That Separates These Popular Teas?


Black and green tea are two of the most enjoyed teas around the world. With billions of cups prepared every day. While both of these types of tea have some pretty key differences, they might be more similar than you think. Here, we’re taking a look at the differences between black and green tea and importantly, which one is the healthiest for us?

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Green Tea Vs Black Tea – What’s The difference?

 What is the difference between these two super popular teas?


Well, to start – did you know that they actually both come from the same plant? So, they very much start the same. This is the camellia sinensis plant and is grown all over the world, including China, India and many countries in Africa.  


So, why do they taste so different?


The main difference is how the tea leaves are processed after they have been cut. Black tea leaves are oxidised which kicks off a process of fermentation and green tea is not. This is why green tea ends up lighter in colour and different in taste and aroma.


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How They’re Made


We know that green and black tea taste different because of the process. But what does this actually mean?


To make black tea, tea leaves are cut and allowed to wither, which reduces the natural water in the leaves. They are then left to dry naturally and oxidise, which is also called fermentation. The longer the leaves are left to oxidise, the darker they’ll go and the stronger they’ll taste


Alternatively, green tea goes through a different process. Again, the leaves are cut from the plant and slightly withered. However, they are then quickly oven or fire dried to avoid the oxidation and fermentation process. This means the leaves stay green instead of turning black and they retain their more natural, light taste.


Which Tea Is Healthier?


So, we now know why green tea and black tea look and taste different. But is one healthier than the other because of this process?


The short answer is yes. Although both types of tea have many health benefits.


Green tea avoids fermentation which makes it extra rich in EGCG, one of teas most potent antioxidants. It also has less caffeine. Green tea is known to be detoxifying, boost metabolism, aids with immunity and is less acidic than other teas so is therefore, more cleansing for the body.


But don’t think this makes black tea unhealthy! Black tea still has way less caffeine than coffee and is known to aid immunity as well as having a wide range of natural antioxidants that help to soothe, heal and boost the body’s natural functions.


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