The Best Refreshing Teas for Summer posted by Clearpay Team on July 15 2020

Which tea to drink when it’s hot?

Tea might feel like a warming drink. Something to snuggle up with on the sofa on a chilly evening. And it’s great for that. But tea can also be an amazing drink to enjoy through the summer months too. And as tea-obsessives, we, of course, enjoy our tea all year – no matter what the weather.

But which tea goes down a treat in the warmer months?

Here are some of our faves.

Mint Grey Tea

The perfect balance of classic English earl grey tea and Moroccan mint, our Mint Grey is a popular choice in the summer months. This is a great option for those who love black tea but are craving something a little lighter during the summer. Enjoyed mostly without milk, Mint Grey is refreshing while maintaining the distinctive earl grey perfume it’s famous for.


There’s a balance of sweet and citrus with our Mint Grey tea which means it can be enjoyed solo or with both honey or added lemon to suit.


Pure Green Tea



Cleansing and perfect for summer, why not try our Pure Green Tea? Not only is the delicate taste of green tea ideal on a warm afternoon in the sun but it can actually help too. And when we say help, we mean, green tea can cool your body temperature just as much – or more – than a cold drink would!


Because green tea is unfermented, it has a cooling effect on the body – despite it being warm itself. Also – having a hot drink when you’re warm actually calms and soothes your body which is working overtime to regulate your temperature. This calming effect helps your body to normalise your internal temp, which makes you feel cooler and more relaxed.

Plus, we all know that green tea boosts your immune system and helps to hydrate you. Both important factors right now.

Lemon Verbena Tea




Light, refreshing and revitalising, our Pure Verbena tea is another perfect choice for a summers day. This pure herbal tea focuses solely on the bright and refreshing citrus flavours of lemon verbena. Making it a perfect choice regardless of the heat.

Lemon is also a strong choice to help cleanse your liver and kidneys. Which might be extra helpful during those long BBQ months where we tend to overindulge.


After Meal Tea


Our last perfect summer tea choice is one created to help soothe and calm the stomach after a meal. After Meal tea is a perfect coffee alternative when you feel like something lighter and more refreshing following a summer evening dinner.

Delicate and fresh in flavour, After Meal tea aids digestion, helping you to avoid any bloat or discomfort between a big meal and bedtime.

Whatever your taste, enjoy a glorious cup of tea any time of year, no matter how hot. With refreshing flavours and revitalising wellness benefits, the perfect cup of tea is just around the corner with the Sultan Tea collections.


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