Sultan Morocco Gets Guinness World Record posted by Stanley Mburu on January 12 2021

Guinness World Record for the biggest ever teapot.


So, you know we’re passionate about tea. Whether it’s our signature Moroccan mint or a classic green tea, we love everything to do with crafting tea in a wealth of unique flavours. But as a brand, we’ve hit the headlines for some other pretty big reasons.


For example, did you know that in 2016, Sultan was awarded an official Guinness World Record?


And no, it wasn’t for our tea this time. It was for our teapot!

world's biggest teapot

In one of the biggest and best ways to celebrate Moroccan culture, Sultan built a teapot that measured over 13 feet! – 13ft and 1 inch to be exact.



Well, how else would Sultan celebrate its 80th birthday!?


It was also the International Agricultural Show in Meknes, Morocco. And the perfect way to celebrate the Sultan brand milestone while honouring the authentic Moroccan culture of hospitality and sharing.

World’s Largest Teapot


At 13 feet, the Sultan teapot was something to behold. But it wasn’t just the height of the pot that was so special. Designed to replicate a traditional Moroccan teapot, the design was exact and perfectly authentic. Plus, it weighed a ton. 1200kg, actually.


Made of heavy iron, the teapot was completed with a working and lift-able lid, authentic handles and finished with the classic Sultan Moroccan logo – of course.


But what’s so special about a big teapot? – you might ask.

world's largest teapot

This 13ft teapot actually worked and made authentic Moroccan tea. It wasn’t just for show.


For this special event, Sultan prepared 1500 litres of traditional Moroccan mint tea. Enough for everyone at the event to have a cup! And to make sure the tea was as authentic as any other cup of traditional Moroccan mint tea, a massive 3kg of fresh mint was used to add the perfect amount of flavour!


Mint is super light – so you can only imagine how much of it 3kg is.


The official Guinness World Record was handed over by the company and certified adjudicator, Lorenzo Veltri. Who was then able to officially confirm that Sultan had succeeded in creating the world’s largest-ever working teapot.

Guinness world record teapot

Who did we steal the title from?


Previously, the record according to Guinness was held by Sanbao Xu from China from back in 2006. The last record was for a ceramic teapot that was measured at 5ft 10 inches. So, Sultan more than doubled it with this masterpiece.


The title has yet to be beaten by anyone else. However, there is a non-functional teapot in West Virginia, US. This one measures in at 14ft BUT can’t offer you a cup of tea. Instead, it has a concession gift shop built inside and advertises a local pottery outlet.


Fancy a cup of Moroccan mint tea now?


If all this talk of tea has got you thirsty, remember to check out the Sultan Tea collection of traditional Moroccan teas. Perfect taste and authentic to Moroccan recipes, it’s our Sultan signature and one not to be missed.


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