International Happiness Day: Mood-Boosting Teas posted by Stanley Mburu on March 19 2021

Feel Your Best with The Right Cup of Tea!


Have you heard of International Happiness Day? It might not be the most famous day of the year but this year, we think it’s super important to acknowledge.

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Falling on the 20th March, International Happiness Day is a global campaign run by non-profit, Action for Happiness. The point of the day is that it is all about making progress by helping to increase people’s happiness around the world - and not just concentrating on growing the economy.


And after the year we’ve all just had, we think it’s more important now than ever before to make happiness a focus and priority. For ourselves, as well as for our loved ones.


The day is also a good reminder to check in with anyone you know and do the small things you can think of to give them a little boost of happiness!


 international day of happiness


See the official website for International Happiness Day’s coping calendar. Ideal if you need a few extra ideas on how to boost your happiness if you’re struggling this time of year.


At Sultan Tea, we also think the perfect cup of tea can help do the job too sometimes. Seems too simple? Actually, certain teas are known to have mood-boosting qualities.


So yes, it won’t change your life. But it might just give you a little boost to put you in a better mood on this day and any other day too!


Green Tea with Saffron

 green tea with saffron


Our Green tea with Saffron is not only a delicious and unique tea to try but it’s one of our most mood-boosting teas.


Did you know that saffron actually boosts serotonin in the brain? This is the hormone that stabilises our mood and promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing. And what a great way to get some into your everyday.


In this blend, the saffron is paired with green tea, which is also known to give your mood a boost as it increases brain function and helps to get you out of those funks we sometimes find ourselves in!


Pure Green Tea

 pure green tea


As we mentioned before, green tea is known to boost your mood. Green tea helps increase your energy which is often why you feel a decreased mood due to feeling lethargic or lacking energy. Pure green tea also has just enough natural caffeine in but won’t give you the slump that coffee does.


Green Tonic Tea

green tonic tea



Lastly, try our mood-boosting Green Tonic tea. Packed with happiness-inducing ingredients, this might just be our favourite. A unique blend, our Green Tonic is made with vitamin-rich ginger, often served in spas to reduce stress and improve mood. Plus, you’ll find lemongrass, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety.




Boost your mood this International Happiness Day – and all with the perfect cup of tea! And why not just treat someone else for no reason other than to make them happy!? Try sending someone a little parcel of tea to perk them up as an inexpensive treat to show them you’re thinking of them this day and every other with Sultan Tea.

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