5 Tea Traditions from Around the Globe posted by Stanley Mburu on January 22 2021

Unusual tea traditions worldwide


We love a good tradition here at Sultan Tea. Especially when it comes to drinking tea. Because it should be an occasion! Tea is LOVED around the globe. And every country has a different, unique way to love, prepare and enjoy tea. Which we just find so interesting – being founded in Morocco and known for our tea, obviously!

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So, today we thought we’d take a look at just 5 of the most known tea traditions from around the world. We want to try them all!


Japanese Tea Ceremony


Referred to as sado, ocha and chanoyu, Japan knows its tea ceremonies and have been doing so since back in the 8th century. While they have a variety of types of tea ceremony that differ in preparation and serving of the tea, it is traditionally made with powdered green matcha tea.


A traditional, full ceremony would include a meal and take several hours with different types of tea and its purpose is to show a love of tea but also for guests to escape the fast-paced Japanese lifestyle and let the host show them hospitality, creating a zen and calm atmosphere for them. These ceremonies are now done all around Japan as part of their tourism culture, while Kyoto is known as one of the best places to enjoy the traditional ritual.


Moroccan Mint Tea


If anyone knows about Moroccan tea, it’s us. It’s where our brand began and will always be a huge part of our heritage.


And Moroccan mint tea is a key tradition. Made with green tea, mint leaves and brown sugar, a Moroccan tea ceremony is all about hospitality and the Moroccan way of life. This happens when guests visit the home or following a meal and tea is traditionally served three times to guests during this visit.


Once prepared, the tea is poured from a height from an authentic glass or steel Moroccan teapot into glass teacups, creating the foam that you may have seen in images or videos of traditional Moroccan tea.   


If you fancy making some for yourself, see our blog on how to make traditional Moroccan Mint tea or cheat for a quick fix with our Moroccan mint tea teabags!

moroccan mint tea 


English High/Afternoon Tea


A tradition for centuries in England is afternoon tea, also sometimes referred to as high tea.


Afternoon tea is traditionally served mid-afternoon and comes with light food, finger snacks, sandwiches and/or scones. The teas served are also traditionally English, such as earl grey and English breakfast tea.


Historically a lady’s social event which started in the mid-1800s, it was designed as an energy boost between lunch and dinner and is also known as cream tea when served with just scones, jam and cream.


High tea traditionally is actually a ‘working class’ event served at the end of the work day on high tables, hence the name. This would include a heavy meal and baked goods so really what we know now as afternoon tea shouldn’t be called high tea anymore.


Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony


An elaborate process, a Gongfu tea ceremony is one of the best known Chinese tea traditions. Gongfu literally means ‘making tea with skill’ and this tea ceremony is all about enjoying the smells, aromas and flavours of the tea itself.


The first step is taking in the aroma of the tea leaves. Next, the cups are always warmed in advance with some of the tea’s first brew. The tea is poured from a height into small rounded cups placed in a circle – spilling is totally acceptable. Guests are to relish each sip and enjoy the tea slowly, appreciating the aroma for some time after the tea is gone.


Indian Chai Tea


Best known for its chai – called masala chai – India has a wealth of its own tea traditions. But chai tea is one of the most famous.


A blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and more, chai is traditionally made in clay cups made from the earth, which they say adds to the real taste of the tea. The tea is boiled in both milk and water with added herbs and spices to create that famously smooth finish.


Try our Moroccan Chai tea for something totally unique.



Have any of these global tea traditions got you wanting to try something new? Why not browse the complete Sultan Tea tea collection and pick something out today that you’ve not tried before? Go on, we dare you!


And remember to check out our bestsellers page for more inspo on the teas that our customers are loving most this week.

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