10 Unexpected Facts About Tea posted by Stanley Mburu on August 27 2020

Tea – Did you know?

At Sultan Tea, we love a good cuppa. It’s our favourite time of day. So, alongside preparing and drinking tea, we’re always chatting about random tea facts that come up throughout our workday. Some, stranger than others! Today, we thought we’d let you in on just a few of them.

10 Facts about Tea

1. 80% of Brits drink tea every morning.

So, you’re not alone! – Can you believe this many people start their day like this?

2. Milk wasn’t added to tea for taste. 

Originally, milk was added to tea to cool it down so that the delicate porcelain cups didn’t crack with the heat of the water. Now, the majority of people enjoy a classic cup of black tea with milk because they enjoy the sweeter and lighter taste. How do you have yours?

3. Why is Early Grey called Earl Grey?

Earl Grey tea was invented in 1831 by Twinings who crafted it for the then Prime Minister, Earl Grey. So, if you ever thought the name was a little strange, now you have it. 

4. Boodles, the jewellers, created a £7000 tea bag. 

Yes, you read that right! To celebrate PG Tip’s 75th birthday, Boodles created the most expensive teabag ever made. It was diamond-encrusted and was auctioned off to raise money for charity in honour of the teabag company.  

5. There are over 3000 types of tea. 

All these teas come from the same plant. The difference comes down to how the leaves get treated after harvesting. So, if you ever tried tea and decided that you don’t like it, we can guarantee there is a flavour of tea for you out there! Get trying. 

6. Tea is a diuretic.

This means that tea makes you want to nip to the loo more than other drinks. Have you ever noticed that?

7. Tea caddies originate from the 18th century. 

Ever seen a cute little classic tea caddy and wondered why? Because tea used to be really valuable in the 18th century, it was locked away in a chest for safe-keeping. This tradition then turned into the tea caddy of today. 

8. Tea was first discovered in China. 

Tea was originally used as an antidote for herbs that were found to be poisonous. As the recipes and blends continued to develop, it started to be enjoyed simply as an everyday beverage rather than a remedy. 

9. The biggest ever teapot was built by Sultan!

And we gained a Guinness World Record for it. Weighing in at 1200kg and filled with 1500 litres of tea, the teapot was a massive 4 metres tall. 

10. Brits drink 165 million cups of tea EVERY DAY.

That works out at over 60 billion a year! What can we say? Brits just love tea.

Never thought about starting a conversation with a fact about tea? Well, now you can! And if you fancy indulging in some high-quality Moroccan tea to expand your tea knowledge, Sultan Tea is the one to try. This weekend, we’re helping you out with an offer of 25% off all orders over £50. 

Choose from classic English Breakfast to Moroccan Mint but whatever you like, make it Sultan. 

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