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The Sultan brand is based on more than 82 years of experience, refining its tea selection methods. Travelling through the towns and villages of Morocco to discover the regional specificities and perfect their knowledge of the regional recipes that make the flavor of Moroccan tea, the Sultan Tea experts tasted all "grands crus", teas with the most unique flavours.

Our quest for high quality tea starts with the careful selection of the best tea leaves in the world. Our suppliers and tea experts collaborate closely in this ongoing quest for quality throughout the year. They commit themselves to the smallest details to find the best tea leaves with exceptional aromas from the most famous plantations (located in regions with ideal climatic conditions) for the quality of their harvest.

These tea leaves are grown by experienced farmers who know the culture of this plant. Through this long-term work, we have built strong relationships with these farming communities who are committed to producing high quality natural teas.

Driven by the passion of tea and sharing, our experts select, control and taste Sultan teas before applying to each product a seal, which is a pledge of internal quality, essential to us before marketing.

To guarantee the quality and the refinement, but also the stability of the taste of all Sultan teas, a rigorous process of selection and treatment occurs through the secure chain of production, from the raw material to the finished product.

As a result of Sultan Tea's expertise, the process is divided into several stages:

• Selective procurement policy
• Permanent supervision and periodic control of harvesting processes
• Quality control in the laboratory
• Conservation and transportation according to standard procedures
• Applying a seal before marketing

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