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The Sultan Tea Story posted by Sultan Tea UK Admin on February 18 2022

There are not too many tea brands with a heritage and history as rich and as long as Sultan Tea. As the biggest name in tea in Morocco, we’ve come through over 8 decades, learning and evolving to become the tea brand we are today. Bringing our customers an experience of authentic Moroccan culture – and generally, a delicious cup of tea.


Here – we look a little more closely at the story of Sultan Tea.

Sultan Tea’s history stretches back as far as 1936 when it was originally named Al Arche.

Tea is entwined with the history of the country of Morocco. During the early 1900s, the democratisation of the tea trade signalled the beginning of commercialisation for tea throughout the world.


This tea revolution was initiated by Hadj Hassan Raji – known as Moul Atay AKA, “tea man”. Hadj Hassan Raji’s family continued his legacy to sell and promote tea across Morocco. A brand now known as Sultan Tea.

Tea is imported from more than 30 different origins around the world. If you thought tea was just from China, you might be surprised. From Rwanda to Indonesia, some of the best teas in the world come from both Asian countries and African.

Morocco, however, has its own signature tea – authentic Moroccan mint.

While Moroccan mint tea is a huge focus for Sultan Tea, it’s now only a part of the brand as it has grown and evolved to include hundreds of unique recipes of teas for all tastes and cultures.


Now, Sultan Tea is the biggest name in tea in Morocco and recognised all over the world. Sultan owns and runs the largest tea factory in Morocco with a production unit that exceeds an unbelievable 20,000 tons capacity.

Whether it’s loose tea or tea bags – bags, pods, pyramids – Sultan Tea is eternally experimenting to harness the heritage of the traditional blend of tea with unique flavours and depth. Now with a recipe book that spans every delicious flavour you could imagine, Sultan Tea has its customers covered for every time of day, occasion or mood.

Today, Sultan tea works to continue innovating to create the best possible product for tea lovers around the world.


And this is only the beginning.

Sultan Tea is always conducting experiments with flavours and blends, creating its unique blends of green tea, jasmine, rosemary, saffron and so many more.

Developing new recipes and continuing to improve on its classic tea blends, Sultan Tea is looking to become a global household name for all teas and occasions.

Dive into the world of Sultan Tea and take a look through our wide range of delicious tea blends with options in both traditional loose tea and contemporary tea bags.

 Discover your perfect brew with Sultan Tea.

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