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Sultan Tea Featured in Vogue posted by Sultan Tea UK Admin on February 18 2022

Sultan Tea makes the cut for British Vogue

Oh, hi Sultan Tea recommendation from Vogue – we see you!

Yes, the August British Vogue edition is out and guess which tea they love the most? Obviously, we’re not surprised. Sultan Tea is a preferred choice for very many people in the know. But it’s always nice to be recommended by some of the best in the business.

Alongside the likes of Barnaby & Jones, Feast Box and Chimney Fire Coffee, Sultan Tea was pitched at number 4 on the August Vogue’s ‘Summer Line-Up’ list. They said,


Indulge in the authentic taste of Morocco with Sultan Tea. As seen here, their cool and refreshing mint tea is a staple in Moroccan culture. From high quality dried loose tea leaves, to a fantastic and flavoursome tea bag selection; shop from their range online at and find them on Instagram @sultantea

‘Authentic’, ‘refreshing’ and ‘flavoursome’ they say. Well, they’re not wrong.


Enveloped by images of super-cute dog outfits, luxury coffee and on-trend gin, you can spot Sultan Tea. And one of our favourite images. Our signature Moroccan mint tea.


Recommended to enjoy any time of day, our mint tea is crafted with our highest quality green tea leaves and blended expertly with mint for a refreshing and delicious authentic taste of Morocco.


This month’s Vogue has been entitled - Reset. In a time when we are all hoping for something a little more ‘normal’, Edward Enninful decided to create a special issue. This month, Vogue will feature 14 different covers and focus on nature. From photographers to artists, the covers feature artwork that depict nature in the creatives’ own way.


And what could be better to go with the nature edition than a delicious cup of mint green tea? The perfect pairing, if we do say so ourselves!


Not sure about Moroccan mint?


Not to worry. Vogue couldn’t include all of our flavours BUT don’t be tricked, there’s plenty more where that came from. If you’re not a fan of mint tea or you fancy trying something even more unique, the Sultan Tea collection has you covered.


Try one of our exclusive black teas if you prefer a classic flavour. Or try a wide range of green teas for all tastes. Alternatively, opt for something perfect for summer. Maybe a lemon verbena herbal tea or a unique blend of cherry, hibiscus and liquorice with our Silhouette tea bags.



Explore the Sultan Tea range today and remember to subscribe and save to get monthly or bi-monthly deliveries of your favourite flavours - making sure you never run out!

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