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The history of tea is an important part of culture in Asia, Africa and Europe. From the discovery of its roots to the plethora of different existing varieties, allow yourself to be carried away by the heritage and richness of Sultan Tea.

Origin of tea

With more than 5000 years of history, there are many legends and tales to tell when it comes to the heritage of tea. These legends vary from country to country, from China to Japan to India, and are closely linked to the religious cultures and the great characters of the time. Three legends are particularly prevalent to tell the story of the origin of tea.

Tea tree cultivation

Tea is crafted from the leaf of a tropical shrub called the tea tree. There is only one cultivated species, but this species has many varieties, the majority of which originate in China. In order for the tea to be of good quality, the climatic conditions, as well as the quality of the soil, play an important role."

Tea Manufacturing Process

The leaves of the tea tree are treated as soon as they are harvested, often in factories installed at the place of production. It is during the processing phases, that tea acquires its characteristics and personality. The process of making tea is summarised into five main phases, depending on the level of fermentation. Certain teas differ dramatically, for example, green teas do not undergo any fermentation and Oolong teas are very slightly fermented.

Varieties of tea

Of the 380 varieties of teas listed in the world, all come from one and the same plant: Camellia Sinensis. Whether it is green tea or black tea, white tea or dark tea, red or Earl Grey tea, with the distinction of different colours and flavours, it originates from the same plant. This diversity of colours depends on the way in which the tea plant has been treated by its cultivator. Fermentation, a reaction with enzymes naturally found in the tea leaf, is an essential phase in the process of tea processing. By mastering it, the grower can choose the colour of his tea."

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