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7 Tea Instagrammers We Love to Follow posted by Sultan Tea UK Admin on February 18 2022

If You Love Tea as Much as We Do!


If you’re anything like us, you just LOVE tea. And our love of tea has led us to follow a fair few tea lovers and photographers on Instagram. In fact, our own personal Instagram feeds are majorly tea-heavy. And you know what? We’re not even mad about it!


So, if you love looking at stunning pictures of tea-making in progress and want all the best tips on finding and making the best teas, you might want to start following some of these Instagram accounts too!


Here are just 7 of our current faves.


Oh How Civilised

 tea blog


A growing account, Oh How Civilised is one of our faves right now. Run by tea blogger and ‘self-proclaimed tea master’, Jee, this page exudes style when it comes to tea. Serving up awesome recipes that are super simple to make in your own home, get over there for everything from her honey citron tea recipe to her immaculate chai frappuccinos.


Tea Infusiast

 tea blog

An account that just loves the community around tea lovers is Tea Infusiast. Head straight here for trials on added ingredients, unique recipes and some stunning imagery too!


Tea Curious

tea blog 

A small account with a big love for tea is Tea Curious. With amazing workshops and blog posts teaching the readers all about tea in depth, we’re also just super into the simple and beautifully shot imagery on the page.


Tea Tography

 tea blog

Now, you can tell that this account is all about the tea photography. And these are some of our fave images ever. Tea Tography makes tea look sultry, sexy and expensive. All in a single shot. Plus they blog and do reviews and we’re trusting every single one!


Better with Tea

 tea blog

Better with Tea is a super bright and positive tea page that we love to follow along with. Run by an award-winning tea specialist (!!), we love the quick and easy recipes that pop up on the daily on this page.



 tea blog

A tea atelier from Brooklyn, New York, Bellocq has garnered quite the following from tea lovers around the world. Think stunning moody tea shots and plenty of great recommendations.



Sultan Tea

 tea blog

Last but not least, how could we not add ourselves to the list!!


We post lots of our own imagery as well as plenty of pictures from our customers enjoying their daily cups of Sultan Tea. We’re also in there with regular tea facts and sales, so come along for the Sultan Tea journey and give us a follow!



Get following some of the above tea Instagram accounts now and fill your feed with glorious tea imagery that is sure to get your taste buds craving a delicious cuppa of your own!


In the meantime, don’t forget to follow Sultan Tea on Instagram! And keep your eyes on the Sultan Tea blog for weekly updates on tea-making tips, guides and all things TEA!

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