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What’s Your Tea Mood? posted by Sultan Tea UK Admin on February 18 2022

A Tea for Every Mood with Sultan

At Sultan Tea, we love creating new blends and flavours of tea. Our collection is growing and growing and we’ll always be striving to create new recipes of unique and delicious Moroccan tea. But how do we choose which tea to enjoy each day!?

With so many to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to select a tea for the moment. Our favourite way to do it? The Sultan Tea Mood Meter!


We’ve created a mood meter to help decide which of our Sultan Tea blends is best depending on your mood.

Simply click over to our mood meter by hovering over the Teas tab on the Sultan Tea home page. Here, you’ll see every mood from sleepy to stressed and a collection of teas beneath that we’d recommend for that mood. It’s that easy!

Let’s take a quick look!


Sometimes we’re overworked and sometimes, we’ve just had a bad night sleep. But one thing is for sure, we all get sleepy from time to time. But certain teas can actually help.


Life is crazy. And at the moment, we’re getting a little stressed. Whether it’s first thing on a Monday morning or just before the end of the day when you’re working to a deadline, being stressed is no fun. So, why not try a tea that can help!


If you deal with anxiety in your day to day life, you’ll know how it can really throw you off your game. Some tea blends – and some ingredients – can actually help work against anxiety to relax the mind and body in unison.


Being bloated can be uncomfortable and at times, downright painful. And it can also be difficult to budge. But if you could have a cuppa that helped reduce the bloat and ease your digestion, we bet you’d try it, right?


It’s ok to be a little grumpy from time to time. But we don’t want it to ruin your day. Why not try a tea that’s designed to lift your mood and get you back on track?


Feeling a little adventurous? Why not give your taste buds a trip and try something completely new and unique with a tea blend from the Adventurous collection?



If you feel a little over excited and need to reset your mind and focus on the task at hand, it can be tricky. But did you know certain teas can help you to do this?



When you’re relaxing at home, you need the perfect brew to keep you feeling laidback and happy. Choose one of our relaxed suggestions to keep you in the mood to chill.

As a special exclusive for our Sultan Tea email team, we’re now offering you a massive and limited edition 30% off our tea bundles. From our Moroccan Tea Bundle to our Exclusive Green Tea Bundle, we’ve created bundles to allow you to try several tea blends in one order. Make sure you’re stocked up with a tea for every mood with the perfect tea bundle for you. And with 30% off, it’s win-win!

Remember you can also subscribe and save with monthly or bi-monthly tea deliveries straight to your door with Sultan Tea! We’ve always got your back. 


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