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Labelled a miracle drink because of its revitalising and antioxidant power, green tea has been consumed for nearly 4000 years in China and throughout the world. Studies conducted by renowned scientists have demonstrated the extraordinary effectiveness of tea against many diseases and deficiencies.

Benefits of Tea

  • Catechins (polyphenols)

    Reduce the frequency of cancer 
    Reduce mutations (genetic modifications) 
    Reduce oxidative stress 
    Decrease blood cholesterol levels 
    Inhibit the increase in blood pressure 
    Kill bacteria 
    Kill the flu virus 
    Fight the bacteria responsible for cavities

  • Caffeine

    Stimulates and awakens

  • Vitamin C

    Reduces oxidative stress

  • Vitamin B complex

    Help with the metabolism of sugars

  • Gamma-amino-butyric acid

    Decreases blood pressure

  • flavonoids

    Strengthen the blood wall

  • polysaccharides

    Decrease blood sugar

  • Fluorine

    Prevents cavities

  • Vitamin E

    Antioxidant, slows aging

  • Theanine

    Strengthens the immune system Has a relaxing effect

Benefits of Tea

A preventive against diseases:

A preventive against diseases: Tea acts in the prevention of: • Some cancers (colon, prostate, breast, ovary, endometrium) related to bad habits of consumption (excess fat, deficiency in fruits and vegetables, etc.) • Cardiac diseases • Increases in tension • Renal diseases and renal colic • Muscular diseases • Cellular aging

A Partner For A Balanced Diet

The benefit of the regular consumption of a glass of tea is such that more and more foods are scented with green tea: ice cream, cake, yoghurt, chewing gum, candy, macaroon ... everything goes!
Without additives, calories or dyes, it is the ideal partner for a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

An Antistress Partner

Theanine, an amino acid found in tea, acts on dopamine and serotonin, which has the effect of reducing stress and anxiety, and improving memory. Drinking tea helps to dilate blood vessels and increase body temperature. The combined effect makes tea one of your best anti-stress partners.

A Wellness Partner

The more tea you drink, the more calories you burn. Thanks to antioxidants, green tea prevents damage related to exposure to ultraviolet rays and improves the energy expenditure of the body and the oxidation of fats and lipids. These actions can help with weight loss, as does thermogenesis (ability to burn fat at rest) due to the combined action of caffeine and polyphenol.

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